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What’s left to say about 2020 that hasn’t already been tweeted?

Global pandemic. Never-ending quarantine. Murder hornets. The world certainly looks quite a bit different today than it did this time last year. Doubly different for businesses and their marketing approaches.

The steady transition to remote work and almost-entirely-digital buying habits has seen brands and marketers completely recalibrate their strategies. And as the tide continues to shift, the best of the best have eked out opportunity every step of the way. But they haven’t done it on their own — there are loads of digital tools out there helping companies adapt to the new way of life. Here’s our top five.


We’re guessing when Eric Yuan founded Zoom way back in 2011, he never anticipated the necessity it would quite surely become by 2020. For years, the video conferencing network had gained a steady foothold connecting companies, contractors and partners alike. Then COVID hit, and Zoom traffic multiplied… and multiplied… then Give us a shout and we’ll tell you everything we know.)

To wrap...

2020’s uncertainties have jolted powerful digital tools into existence and injected new life into some of the tools we already know and love. The great marketers are paying attention, picking and choosing their favorites to help scale their business or — at minimum — keep the lights on. Our top 5 are opening new opportunities for companies hungry to evolve.

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