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From work, school, business, and entertainment, social distancing shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many around the world to rethink the way we go about our daily lives. 

It’s important that business owners and marketers think long-term in order to keep building on their brand identity, productivity, and drive growth during these unstable times. In this blog post, our digital agency we’ll cover:

  • Brand Build Developments During COVID-19
  • Ways to Ensure New Business Leads Don’t Come to a Halt
  • How to Become More Operationally Efficient While Practicing Social Distancing
  • The Benefits & Liberties of Working Remotely
  • & Strategies to Nurture Your Individualism

Let’s get started.

1. Brand Build Developments During COVID-19

      Businesses across the globe are forced to develop creative solutions and alter their brand build strategies during the coronavirus pandemic shut down. The brands doing it right during the coronavirus crisis are the brands who are listening and acting quickly. It’s difficult to know what each passing day will bring, but with quick strategic thinking, creativity and a heavy dose of empathy, brands are leaving their positive, memorable marks on the world. Let’s take a look at how companies in a variety of industries are using empathy to alter their business model and brand build during a time of social distancing.

      Contactless Food Delivery

      web design, get in touch with us today.

      Focus on SEO - It’s Critical for Survival

      SEO might be the last thing your organization is currently thinking about, but it would be a huge mistake to let it fall by the wayside. Social distancing practices have made online search the only solution available to business owners and consumers seeking solutions during this time. We urgently recommend working on your site’s SEO so that your business can continue to be found online - during and post-pandemic. Not investing in your brand’s SEO could cause overall damage to your reputability, so it is highly suggested that organizations focus on web presence during this crucial time. Don’t know where to start? We can help.

      Reevaluate All Brand Messaging

      To avoid any negative brand association during this time, such as content strategy that strengthens brand equity and speaks directly to your target audience during this time.

      Use CRM & Lead Generation Tools to Nurture Traffic that Might Not Convert

      Using automated tools such as a CRM system allows your business to continue to nurture website traffic, engaged visitors, and warm leads that might have visited your website via a remarketing, email or social campaign. Sophisticated CRMs along with other lead generation tools can offer valuable insights to help you segment leads, strategize an automated and customized journey, and communicate with them more efficiently. Need a hand? Our digital agency can help your brand develop a comprehensive inbound strategy that maximizes prospect conversions.

      Do Not Pause Digital Marketing Campaigns

      Now is the time to be available to people who need your brand the most. Pausing digital marketing campaigns such as Google Ads, can throw your brand completely off the grid, making it more costly and challenging for your campaign to perform as strongly after the pandemic passes. Our digital marketing experts suggest reducing your brand’s campaign budget if needed, but not to pause it entirely. We recommend continuing to run branded campaigns at a minimum so that users can still find you at the top of search results page. Don’t completely turn off the lights during a time where warm or direct leads are scarce; our digital team can develop a digital marketing strategy for your brand that minimizes the cost per leads, while maintaining a steady stream of new business opportunities from the web.

      Offer Valuable Knowledge Digitally

      Many businesses have already taken the approach to offering free knowledge to businesses and consumers via webinars and other online events. Do you have insights to the latest laws and regulations? One must consider what would be valuable for your audience to hear in your prospective industry. Your brand can offer these insights and ideas to those who are stuck at home and in the dark, or preoccupied with many other things that are top of mind during these times. Individuals will remember your brand’s positive efforts when you choose to offer helpful knowledge. Use this time to nurture deeper connections that will last beyond the pandemic.

      Don’t Wait to be Proactive

      Although hesitant brands might want to remain quiet during this unstable time, it is important to strategically align your organization with a plan for sustainability and perseverance. If your brand has not made any changes to its business model or strategy, you, your employees or coworkers, and your customers could be left behind after the dust settles. Take this time to be proactive with brand positioning during this crucial time, for it can make all the difference between a brand that comes out on top or on the bottom of this pandemic.

      3. How to Become More Operationally Efficient While Practicing Social Distancing

      Are you concerned that your organization is not operating efficiently during the pandemic? Our digital agency put together a few suggestions to help make organizations more productive while enforcing work from home (WOH) policies.

        Utilize Digital Communication Tools

        Long email chains are a thing of the past. If your organization hasn’t jumped aboard the Instant communication train, now is the right time to do so.

        • Instant Messaging

        Here are some ways to stay inspired.

        Focus on Improving your Health

        It’s the perfect time to get back to that 2020 NYE resolution you promised to commit to. (It’s okay, we’ve all been there.) Take advantage of this added time by taking care of your physical and mental health so that you can manage stress better, release endorphins, and sleep better at night. Run, walk, bike, skip… regularly moving your body is proven to benefit more than just the body, it alsocontact us. Stay safe everyone!

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